Advantages of KNX

When delivered by the right contractor KNX reduces installation costs due to various methods of installation available. Modular Wiring products, now also have the ability to connect KNX devices offering a speedy pluggable wiring solution.

Enhanced management facilities deliver flexible and real time responses. For example seamless balancing of natural daylight and artificial light means KNX can monitor light levels to maintain the optimum performance. KNX controls other building services such as heating and air conditioning. When a particular area of the building is unoccupied, for example an office, the KNX system will turn or dim down lighting and turn down the heating. Once the area becomes occupied again the KNX system will dim up the lighting and return the heating back to its original set point.


  1. Are you tied to one manufacturer?

    No – KNX is a European based protocol and there is a choice of over 100 different manufacturers.

  2. Is a KNX system integratable with non KNX based system?

    Yes – through a series of gateways KNX can integrate with other building controls to make one easy to use, recordable and manageable system. So whatever is specified it’s likely it can be accommodated within the core KNX system.

  3. Is a KNX system expensive to maintain?

    No. Once a KNX system is installed by a qualified integrator such as E-LIFE initial fault finding can be carried out off site offering quicker responses, less down times and even further savings. As KNX is a modular system if ever a fault occurs it is normally isolated to one specific device. KNX doesn’t have a central processor or main frame which means the entire system will carry on functioning regardless.